How To Pay Medical Bills on Peryourhealth

Internet is the easiest way to get rid of any of your problems by finding a possible solution for anything that is creating the problem. In this modern era, everyone uses a mobile phone and laptop for several purposes. A lot of people pay their medical, Insurance, electric bills online. Let’s talk about another site that is basically a Peryourhealth bill payment portal.

peryourhealth portal

In this article, we will see the procedure on how to pay bills on the official website, we will see the Peryourhealth Login requirements and procedures.

How to Register to PerYourHealth

Per Your Health website will allow you to send a message, address, see your accounts, or upgrade your insurance. Registering an account on has been simple and easy since the beginning. Now you’ll need to follow step-by-step instructions to get registered according to your wellness.

  • Go to the official site
  • Locate the direct connection of Peryourhealth enroll
  • Click on the said link which is given
  • The enrollment process starts with a brief questionnaire
  • Follow the steps on the screen to prepare your own account.
  • After the registration process complete
  • You will receive user ID and password to the registered email id

Online bill payment at


  • Visit the official website as we mentioned above
  • Now user need to keep their medical bill handy if they are using this portal for the first time
  • Now enter your registration ID in the box and click on the continue button
  • After that enter your password
  • You will be reached to the official dashboard of your profile
  • To pay the bill, select the bill payment option
  • Enter your bill ID
  • Once you enter the bill ID, you will receive your bill detail exactly as your physical bill
  • Make sure to check the detail of the bill and the amount
  • Now click on the pay button
  • Enter the amount you want to pay using peryourhealth, the amount needs to be the same as its mentioned in the bill
  • Click on the pay now and you will be redirected to the payment page
  • Now check the detail of your credit card, if you wish to pay with another credit card, add their detail
  • After that, you will be on the next page with the confirmation, press I agree
  • Once you complete the transaction, you will have a bill payment receipt which can be printed
  • You will also receive a mail from peryourhealth with your bill payment receipts
    If you are a first time, the user make sure to register on the portal for ease of bill payment

Features of Per Your Health

Most health insurance providers provide online medical billing, but in the case of some providers, the online billing process may be time-consuming and cumbersome. Per Your Health offers several online billing features that make the process simple and convenient for the end-users.


  • They offer the facility to manage your medical billing using email accounts, the ability to update your billing data and also, make changes to your claims. Through the web interface.
  • This claims management module helps you to view, process, file, print your medical invoices online without having to leave your PC.
  • PerYourHealth claims management module is based on the latest HIPPA standards. Moreover, it provides you with a secure payment gateway which provides you an option to use online banking, online payment gateway, and mobile banking.

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