Compress PDFs Online For Free

PDF files have characteristics that make them unique. For example, they can be read from any computer, as it is a worldwide standard. They also give us the possibility to see the documents in a real way, in fact, most of the official documentation is presented in this format.

Compress PDFs Online

Compress PDFs Online

However, some shadows also hang over PDFs. For example, they are not easily editable, since a specific program is needed. And another added problem is that PDFs tend to be heavy files, much more so than other formats such as .docx or .odt. If we have to work, for example, with a 300-page court order, the file will become complex to handle. But do you know how compressing a PDF was to make it lighter?

Smallpdf, a fresh and comfortable proposal to compress your PDF
Since we have known this page, the weight problems with these files have gone into the background. This tool reduces the size of your PDF without losing quality, something that is quite noticeable with the tests we have carried out. The procedure is very simple, just access its website and go to the section on compressing PDF. And is that the web is full of useful tools to do things with your PDF.

But let’s go to what interests us, you can perform 2 compressions a day without registering. If you do, you have the tool with full functionality and without limits for 14 days. In addition, when it comes to compressing your PDFs, you have at your disposal 2 variants, the standard compression, and the PRO, which reduces them even more and without losing quality. Up to 80 per cent.

And the different tests carried out fully agree with this website, since the degree of compression was almost 30% with the free version, going from 125 Kb to only 85. And indeed, without a loss of document quality, something that draws a lot of attention. The compression process couldn’t be simpler, just select the tool, choose the PDF and choose the desired degree of compression. The ability to attach files from cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as from your computer’s own hard drive, is greatly appreciated.

A Large Number of Tools at Your Disposal

Everything you want to do with a PDF is done from this page, whether it be compressing it, converting it to another format, rotating it or decrypting it. Without a doubt, those who use this type of document every day see as a lifeline. Check out their website because they have many more free and easy-to-use PDF tools. If you decide to go PRO, you now have an interesting discount, it is an investment that is quickly amortized due to the time savings it entails. In addition, in this case, we are talking about a multi-tool website, much better than having to pay individual licenses for other programs.

The time has come to say goodbye to the headaches that these documents provide, something very common in those who are not too used to working with them. If you want to get rid of complications with your PDFs and start doing everything you always wanted and did not know-how, is the most sensible proposal of all that are available on the net right now.

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