Davits and Winches Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Testing and Training (MROTT)

Aaron Marine Offshore Group has the full capability to carry out all Davit and Winch annual inspections, 5-yearly service programs and maintenance as required by IMO/MSC/Circ. 1206. Rev. 1 Regulations.

Trained and authorised by davit manufacturers worldwide to carry out Life Saving Appliances Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and Testing (MROT), Aaron Marine Offshore is Flag State and Class Approved. On completion of an inspection or overhaul, a dynamic winch brake test is conducted - with or without load - to ensure operational readiness.

Classification surveyors, ship's officers and crew are assured that this system fully complies with manufacturer's recommendations and operating parameters. An official checklist and certification is issued after supervised testing is completed.

Aaron Marine Offshore also instructs ship's personnel on correct operational methods related to proper safety procedures and maintenance requirements. Our team of service engineers are fully trained to carry out inspections, maintenance and repairs for mechanical, pneumatics and hydraulic davit winch systems.

We provide comprehensive coverage for davit and winch inspections, maintenance and overhaul:

  • Winch brake mechanism
  • Winch gear mechanism
  • Winch gear box oil change
  • Wire falls renewal
  • End-to-end of wire ropes
  • Servicing of sheaves, rollers and floating blocks
  • Remote control wire Hydraulic Ramps
  • Hydraulic Pressure Hoses

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